Charlevoix Landscape & Irrigation Services

Fettig's Landscaping Inc. has been serving Petoskey with landscape & irrigation services for 50 years. Whether you need a landscape design, landscape installation, landscape maintenance, irrigation or snow plowing removal services, Fettig's is renown for quality workmanship, experience, and dedication to the industry.

We are certified irrigation technicians, professional landscape designers and experienced landscape installers who can work with you to develop and construct all of your outdoor projects.

Fettig's Landscaping Inc. offers a full range of landscaping, irrigation and snow plowing services:

Charlevoix Irrigation Design

Charlevoix Irrigation Installation

Charlevoix Irrigation Maintenance

Charlevoix Landscape Design & Graphics

Charlevoix Landscape Installation

Charlevoix Landscape Maintenance

Charlevoix Snow Plowing & Snow Removal

As a fully insured and licensed service company, Fettig's Landscaping Inc. will fulfill all of your landscaping and irrigation needs.

Thank you for your interest in Fettig's Landscaping. Please contact us today! We look forward to servicing you!